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Merida is an excellent place for buying Yucatecan handicrafts. Some of the most essential purchases to consider include guayaberas shirts and traditional Mayan clothing, such as the colorful embroidered huipiles (dresses), panama hats woven from palm fibers and of course the wonderfully comfortable Yucatecan Hammocks. 

Considered as the great market of the Peninsula, Merida is the best place to shop for anything, ancient or modern. The market district in fact spreads across several blocks and encompasses hundreds of little shops and open-air stalls.

Native handicrafts from all over Mexico, but particularly the Yucatan regions are mostly located in the buildings on Calle 56 and 67. Fixed prices prevail at many of these shops, but you can bargain at some of the market stalls and with street vendors. Of course only if you feel like it and have the guts for it! Street vendors pretty much are waiting for you to make an offer, so, go for it and have some fun!


Guayaberas – A loosely worn, lightweight cotton shirt, a guayaberas is about as formal as men’s clothing gets in sweltering Merida. Upper-class Yucatecans in the late 19th century bought them during trips to Cuba. The garment is worn by businessmen and local politicians instead of a shirt and tie. Traditionally it is white, with a bit of colored embroidery around the front buttons, and has four pockets – two at the chest and two at the waist. Guayaberas Jack, on Calle 59, is one of the few city factories that still produces custom made shirts.

Huipil – The huipil is a white cotton dress with a squared neck that often is edged with beautiful embroidered flowers. A similar but longer and more elaborate garment is the terno, which is usually accompanied with an exquisite scarf around the shoulders. Many women who live in rural areas still wear the huipils, but you will also see women in the city wear them.

Jipi (HEE-pee) or Panama Hat – A well positioned jipi provides an effective screen against the hot Yucatan sun and also looks great. The hats are made in several small towns in neighboring Campeche. Panama hats cost anywhere from about $6 to more the $60 (U.S.). The price is determined by the closeness of the weave and the quality of the fibers (coarse to fine). A good-quality, closely woven hat should bounce back into shape even after being folded into a suitcase or rolled up and stuck in a pocket, which makes it a fantastic souvenir to bring home or as a present.

Casa de las Artesania

(Calle 63, between Calles 64 & 66) is one place to start looking for handicrafts. It is a government-supported market for local artisans selling just about everything. Prices are fixed and a bit on the high side, but it has some attractive, often usable prices for textile and other media.

Artesanias Maya

(Calle 60 # 502-C, between 63 & 63A) has an all-sort-of-everything handicrafts assortment, with a huge stock running from panama hats and huipiles to every sort of ornament.


(Calle 59, between Calle 60 & 62) is a cute little store with lots of small Dia de los Muertos tableaux, tin work and figurines of every sort, from ceramics to toy soldiers. The store has fixed prices at a fair rate so you needn’t worry about bargaining.

La Casa de los Artesanos

(Calle 62 # 492, between 59 & 61) is a bit of an upscale store with a wonderful selection of art, masks of Mayan gods, ceramic plates, batiks, woodwork and silver jewelry.













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