by Glynna Prentice

On your next visit to the expat haven of Mérida in Mexico, you’ll now be able to read the local news in English. Mérida’s first print English-language newspaper starts publication on Tuesday April 12. The print edition of The Yucatán Times will cost 10 pesos (about 83 cents), and you can find it at several locations in the area, including in Mérida’s centro histórico and the Alta Brisa shopping mall, and in  the nearby port of Progreso.

Mérida’s expats have long depended on local English-language websites for useful news and general information, including an online version of The Yucatán Times. But until now there has been no print newspaper in English to serve the area’s expats—as many as 4,000—and its tourists.

Most Mexican cities with a significant tourist or expat presence have at least one English-language publication to provide local and international news of interest to U.S. visitors. Mexico City has the print newspaper The News. Guadalajara, the country’s second-largest city, has The Guadalajara Reporter (which includes coverage of the Lake Chapala area, home to the largest expat community in the world). Puerto Vallarta has The Banderas News and Baja California has The Gringo Gazette, among others.

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