By: Mitchell Jay Keenan, CRS – Broker/Director of Mexico International Real Estate

MERIDA, Mexico, Dec. 23, 2011 — Considering how bleak the real estate market has been in many corners of the globe, all things considered, Merida’s market has performed pretty well. There are several strong trends that are influencing the growth of the marketplace in Merida. It appears those trends will remain strong even in the face of uncertain economic news out of the EU, China and the USA.

The 10 trends supporting continued growth in the Merida real estate market:

1. Strong demand from Mexican buyers, investors and renters. The primary engine powering the growth of Merida is internal growth from around the Country of Mexico. Mexicans from Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara and Veracruz – and other Mexican cities – are moving to Merida to enjoy the lifestyle, cost of living and safety.

2. Infrastructure investments. New bridges, highways, government buildings, universities, trade schools, museums, hotels, shopping centers, cultural centers, markets, electrical grid, renewable fuel resources and new neighborhoods/schools.

3. Cost of living advantages. Merida has rich, middle class and poor. There are markets that serve all groups and government programs to aid the very poor. You can shop at stores like Costco, Sears, Sam’s, or Walmart. But the best buys for your produce, food and household products will be found at the local markets and flea markets.

4. Public Safety. Despite a swiftly growing populace and the demands it puts on policing, public safety and the criminal justice system, Yucatan remains one of the lowest crime-rate states in Mexico.

5. Demand from foreign buyers, investors and renters. A strong influx from mostly Canadians, Americans and Europeans looking for a tropical lifestyle that provides a greater flexibility in cost of living, lower taxes and household expenses. Most foreigners feel welcome by the Mexican and the Yucatecan populace. They feel safe and secure – knowing their resources go further here and they can count on top-quality health care, shopping, culture and policing.

6. Large educated workforce. Business moving to Merida can count on a large pool of educated young people to help them grow their businesses. Additionally, the local pueblos also provide a strong resource of construction and manual laborers.

7. Excellent and inexpensive health care facilities, doctors and hospitals. Dentistry, Plastic Surgery, Therapist, Cancer Specialist, Nutritionist, Veterinarians, Dermatologist and in-home health professionals all contribute to making Merida the perfect option for anyone living with a long-term health issue or anyone just wanting to know that, in case they need it, excellent and reasonably priced health care is locally available.

8. Excellent universities, trade schools, cultural arts schools and language schools provide a vast menu of institutions to provide for continuing education, higher education or alternative learning centers.

9. Tropical weather and local beach. Accessibility to great beaches, water sports, fishing, marinas, growing and enjoying year-round gardening, fruit trees and tropical flowers and plants makes for year-round comfort and many enjoyable outdoor activities.

10. Mayan culture and ruins, shopping, cinema, art studios, theater, restaurants, night life, casinos, cantinas, symphony orchestra, opera, fabulous Yucatecan, Italian, Cuban, French, Irish, Asian, Mexican, Seafood, chops, steaks, wine bars, boutique chocolates, specialty shops and much more.