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Is The Long Arm of the Law in the USA too Long?

July 15, 2011

3 girls busted for illegal lemonade stand

Three girls trying to raise money to go to a waterpark thought that a lemonade stand would do the trick. But then they met the long arm of the law — their local police chief.

The girls had started up their stand in Midway, Ga., when Police Chief Kelly Morningstar and a deputy drove by.

"They told us to shut it down," 10-year-old Skylar Roberts was quoted as saying by The Coastal Source news website."It’s kind of crazy that we couldn’t sell lemonade," added 14-year-old Casity Dixon. "It was fun, but we had to listen to the cops and shut it down."

Morningstar defended his action and received the support of Midway's mayor. "We had told them, 'We understand you guys are young, but still, you’re breaking the law, and we can’t let you do it anymore,'" Morningstar said. "The law is the law, and we have to be consistent with how we enforce the laws."

That city law requires a business and food permits ($50 a day), even if the stand was at the home of one of the girls.

Health issues were also a concern, Morningstar said. "We were not aware of how the lemonade was made, who made the lemonade, of what the lemonade was made with, so we acted accordingly by city ordinance,” he said.

News of the bust caused an outpouring of local support for the trio — and The Coastal Source said it had given the girls tickets to the waterpark.


A thing or two about hammocks, as the buying of hamacas is often a tricky business.

June 29, 2011

It is normally an honest craft that may suddenly become sly and tricky when vendors are offering a tourist a hammock. The reason could be that hammocks themselves are complicated, with many subtle variations in material, construction, quality, size and comfort. And, of course the fact, that you ARE a tourist.

So, to avoid getting something other than what you REALLY want, study the following suggestions very carefully before you make a purchase:

  • The best hammocks come from the capital in Yuca...

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War on Mexico Continues to Brainwash Unsuspecting Innocent Americans

June 10, 2011

Mexico Under Attack by Mainstream US Media Again

by Johnny Punish


Here we go again…’s like a daily ritual with the USA mainstream media.  Today’s fake reality show episode comes to us from MSNBC with the ominous title “Time to say adios to Mexico travel?” where they take a poll asking “Would you visit Mexico given the worsening violence in some areas?” whereby 84% percent of their readers chimed in shaking and quivering pushing that keyboard with an empahtic NO!   I a...

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New to Chelem and Chuburna - The Natural Thangs Gallery

May 12, 2011

Natural Thangs was created 20 years ago in Little Rock, Arkansas. Natural Thangs you say? Indeed, all things cool and natural is what you will find when visiting the home/business of Randy Miller, the man behind this unique idea. Located between Chelem and Chuburna, contact us, you are invited to stop in for a visit, chat about plants or just look around.

With the most beautiful dr...

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Easter in Mexico, Semana Santa and Pascua

April 18, 2011

April 17-May 7 2011

For Mexico, the Easter holidays are a combination of Semana Santa (Holy Week - Palm Sunday to Easter Saturday) and Pascua (Resurrection Sunday until the following Saturday).

For most Mexicans, this 2 week period is the time of year for holiday vacations (good time to not be on the highways - just stay put and enjoy the community of your choice during this holiday season).

Merida natives and visitors alike seem to all have one thing in common, the idea to ...

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Henequen – The Green Gold of the Yucatan

January 16, 2011
By Travel Merida

Henequen (Agave fourcroydes Lem.) is an agave whose leaves yield a fiber also called henequen which is suitable for rope and twine, but not of as high a quality as sisal. Alternative spellings are Henequin and Heniquen. It is the major plantation fiber agave of eastern Mexico, being grown extensively in Yucatan. It is also used to make Licor del henequén, a traditional Mexican alcoholic drink.

The plant appears as a rosette of sword-shaped leaves 1.2 to 1.8 meter...

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Adopt a Turtle from Sea Turtle Conservancy

December 18, 2010

Green Gifts Mean More This Holiday Season: Adopt a Turtle from Sea Turtle Conservancy

Contact: Rocio Johnson, Public Relations Coordinator
Phone: (325) 373-6441

Adopt-A-Turtle as a Holiday Gift!

GAINESVILLE, FL – This year, more than ever, consider a holiday gift idea that gives back to the environment. The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was particularly devastating to sea turtles, setting back conservation efforts by decades. But your gift of a symbolic sea turtle adoption can he...

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Travel Merida has Teamed with Journeys of the Spirit Travel Tours

December 9, 2010
Are you looking to find yourself?

I am very proud to announce that has joined the Journeys of the Spirit affiliate program. Before joining any affiliate program I always search out the provider, look at their offers and make the determination if it will be a benefit to my viewers. If you are looking for that spirit filled journey, looking to find peace within your travel vacation, and find yourself, then I so recommend these folks.

About What They Offer:

At Journeys of the Spi...
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Hotels in Merida Mexico

December 5, 2010
What ever your budget may be, Merida Mexico has a hotel that will fit it. As a long time traveler to this area, and believe me, back in the day when I was a tourist visiting the area, I always looked for the most for less. Everyone knows that we have all the fine hotels here that cater to to the business traveler. But we also have a very large count of those quality hotels that range from 25 bucks to 50 bucks.

If you are beginning your search from the Merida city center, from the central park...
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Yucatan Fishing Tour

December 4, 2010

Greetings everyone from sunny Progreso Mexico. My name is Randy Miller, a 47 year old American living in the Yucatan now for 11 years. I starting bass fishing some 28 years ago while living in Arkansas. I fished the Redman and B.A.S.S. pro tours for a number of years but honestly never made enough money to make a career out of it. And so as many others have had to do, I got me a real job. I created a business that I ran successfully for about 20 years. When the timing wa...

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