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El Gran Museo del Mundo Maya

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El Gran Museo del Mundo Maya  es una celebración y un encuentro con la raíz más fuerte de la identidad yucateca, pero también es un recuento de cambios y transformaciones, de movilidad y migraciones, de la llegada de otros muchos individuos y grupos que se han mezclado y adaptado.  Ahora tú eres bienvenido, que tu estancia sea placentera y que tus oídos y ojos se llenen del Mayab, mi tierra, tu tierra.


If you are visiting Merida, then a visit to the Mayan museum should be on your list of things to do and see.  Very informative and what I liked the most about it, all descriptions are in the native Mayan tongue, Spanish and English. After visiting the museum, which could take as much as 2 hours, head up stairs to the huge IMAX theater. Included with the general admission. Foreigners will pay 150.00 peso for entry but totally worth it. The Museum is open Monday thru Sunday 8am to 5pm. Cafeteria style restaurant is on the property and gift shop.



The Grand Mayan World Museum is a celebration and a meeting place with the root identity stronger in the Yucatan. Also is an account of change and transformation, mobility and migration, the arrival of many other individuals and groups who have mixed and adapted. Now you are welcome, we hope your stay is pleasant and that your ears and eyes fill Mayab, my land, your land.


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El Gran Museo del Mundo Maya

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