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The color and beauty of Merida Mexico will remain with you for a lifetime. The friendly people, the perfect climate and the colorful lifestyle will have you wanting more and more. Visit us today! 


The largest flocks of flamingos in North America are right here in the wetlands of the Yucatán. The joy of seeing the salmon-pink masses of these elegant birds is a heartwarming experience and a photographer's dream come true.



There are many magical places in the Yucatan, one of the most, is our Cenotes. There are no above ground rivers in the Yucatan, they flow under our feet. A cenote is usually a rounded portion of the ground that has caved in and opened up a section of the underground river. The water is always refreshing and inviting. The beauty and magic of the cenotes have drawn visitors from around the world to bathe in the clear blue waters.  


The Yucatan is a huge platform where water runs through underground caves. Part of this land has collapsed, creating sinkholes called "CENOTES ".

Thousands of these windows to the water table dot the Yucatan Peninsula, and hundreds are located throughout the Yucatan. Since the 1980's, hundreds of these Cenotes have been explored and mapped by Cave Divers, exploration and penetration still continues.



The beach life, just a short 20 minute drive from the center of town, is as relaxing as you want to make it. Not with the crowds as Cancun or Playa del Carmen, Merida beaches are still loaded with lots of water activities. Some of the best Snook, Bone and Tarpon fishing is found in this area.







The Mayans inhabited this area for thousands of years, now all that is left, are the beautiful ruins they left behind for us modern day travelers to behold. There are numerous ruins all within 2 hours from the Merida city center. 





The Governors Palace, in the main city center of Merida, is for sure a place to visit. Some of the most beautiful artwork hangs on these walls, depicting the struggle of the Mayans and the Spanish Invaders some 700 years ago. 






Whatever your taste buds are craving, you can satisfy them with the hundreds of dining establishments here in Merida. From traditional Mexican dishes to seafood, pasta, steaks, or the traditional fast food, it is all here in our beautiful city.

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While visiting Progreso, you will have unlimited choices of locations to sit and enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner right on the beach. 



If the kids are tired of looking at Mayan ruins and the Zócalo’s souvenir shops, take a bus or taxi to Centennial Park located 12 blocks west of the Main Square. Entrance is free to this shady retreat, which is filled with Mexican families, especially on Sundays. Children will find much to amuse themselves: a miniature train, boats and pony rides. The zoo has many big cats and primates but you may find yourself saddened by their small enclosures. 








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