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Yaxchilan - Mayan ruins on the Usumacinta river in Chiapas, Mexico



The Usumacinta Province

Yaxchilan and other Mayan sites in the area like Bonampak are referred to as the "Usumacinta Province". They share certain characteristics, such as roof combs at the center of the temples and ornamentation modeled almost entirely in stucco over the frieze on the second section of the buildings. They all reflect mastery of the architectural technique of covering wide spaces with roofs supported by walls.

About Yaxchilan

The particular characteristics of Yaxchilan are stela, lintels, alters, stairs, bas-relief carvings in stucco, and mural painting, all of which are integrated into the architecture resulting in a unified whole. Based on the architecture, ceramic materials, and hieroglyphic inscriptions, archaeologists have determined that the occupation of Yaxchilan began before the year 250 AD and ended around 900 AD.







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